The Cold Moon

Tonight sees the rise of the Long Nights Moon, the last full moon of this decade. A time for resetting old habits and letting go of unwanted thought patterns. Regardless of your belief in the power of the cycle of the earth, it is undeniable that the drawing in of winter and the dying days of the year makes introspection easier.

As the moon climbs higher in the sky tonight, confront the thoughts that make you curl inwards with humiliation or flinch with remembered pain. Decide what to keep and what to let go and as you do,  hold them close before making a conscious decision to release them from your clenched fists and allow them scatter to the winds. Remember that taking a light to to the things that scare us diminishes them, the way a nightmare becomes fragmented and illusory with the break of dawn.

I have realised lately that despite all of the work I have put in to moving on from the accident, a part of me has remained trapped, no longer by twisted metal but by feelings of guilt, shame and fear. These feelings inform everything that I do and hold me back in many ways. I am ready to try and start the process of forgiving myself. 


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