Knowing When To Quit

For the May half term I took my eldest son to Athens. Just the two of us immersed in the myths and legends we both love. This short break away from the online world made me realise how much I missed being truly present offline.

Boundaries between work and leisure become blurred when working in social media. Truly switching off is hard when phones ping late at night with notifications and customers expect round the clock responsiveness.

By constantly showing up and pouring my creativity into supporting my client’s businesses, I was losing sight of my own creative projects and the time and space needed to explore these were becoming increasingly restricted.

One evening, on a rooftop in Athens watching the sun set, I made the decision to take a break, a proper break. To give myself the space needed to work out what it was I wanted to do. I decided to resign from all my clients pretty much instantly.

Leaving my clients was a wrench and I feared that I was being reckless in resigning, but giving myself the safety net of returning would never spur me on to seek new challenges.

I still love working in social media and I am sure I will return to it in some capacity, but right now the only question on my lips is ‘what do I want to be when I’m grown up?’ and the silence of my phone is wonderful.


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