Celebrating Lammas

Today marks the ancient Saxon festival of Lammas. A celebration of the fading of light from the summer solstice towards the Autumn equinox and the all important harvesting of grain.
It is a time for gathering outdoors with friends and family, sharing bread and reflections of the year so far. Treat it as a time for personal reflection also. Consider, now that the year is waning, what projects  or thoughts you need to let go and what to hold close. Remember that by letting go, you create the space for new endeavours or a different way of thinking.

Today, as I share the bread I have made with my family, I will reflect on what I have learned this year. That is alright to have periods of low motivation as long as I don’t allow myself to become self-indulgent and that my emotional recovery is as important as my physical one.

Will you be celebrating Lammas today? What will you decide to let go of?


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