2019 goals

I have never been one for sticking with New Year’s Resolutions, despite my good intentions. I aim too high and inevitably fail. This year, rather than a restrictive list of don’ts, I am setting some positive goals to frame the months ahead.

Embrace Saying Yes

Whether it is exciting new clients or trying new things, I want to stop fear holding me back so much this year. I talk myself out of opportunities due to our good friends, confidence and imposter syndrome. I need to push myself out of my comfort zone. I am far too complacent here.  

Write Something And Be Paid For It

I would love to be paid to write this year. Not by landing a six figure book deal (although that would be marvellous), but for something that I penned to be officially released into the world. I write for clients as an additional service but would never call myself a writer. I want to call myself a writer.

Believe The Good Stuff

My internal dialogue is the worst kind of bully. When good things happen, she pipes up and wave past failures in my face. She relishes repeating a mantra of ‘not good enough’ until I no longer hear praise. Her relentless tide of negativity is wearing and I need to work on drowning her out this year.

Climb A Mountain

The creep of age and injury has started. Arthritis is now impairing my good leg, mobility is stagnating and the only defence is to keep going. If I am ever going to push myself physically, then now is the time to climb that mountain, figurative or metaphorical.


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