The Big Reveal : A flashback to the ankle fusion

This post was written on 22 January 2016. I had gone in to have my plaster cast removed from my leg, two weeks after my ankle fusion.

Wearing a cast is not something I get used to. At least this has only been two weeks, but already I am finding objects that I can use to scratch inside, as the incessant itching is akin to slow torture.

Being unable to weight bear has also had it’s challenges. The lesson in walking up and down stairs on one foot and two crutches worked fine in hospital where the stairs had a wide low tread and ample handrails, however in our 200 year old Devon cottage, it was slightly more challenging. With no wish to see all my other limbs wrapped in plaster, I opted for an undignified bum shuffle.
The plus side to my inability to carry any object from one place to another does mean that I have been rather spoiled by small children bearing cups of tea.

Today was the day that I had my cast removed and stitches taken out. I find cast removal to be a terrifying thing – how do they tell where cast ends and skin begins? I asked the nurse today the same thing, ‘Oh’ she said cheerfully, ‘we can’t always’, whilst brandishing a large pair of scissors.

Seeing my leg again for the first time since the operation was reassuring. Yes, I have scars, but my right leg is heavily scarred from the accident and subsequent operations already. These new scars are tiny by comparison, I have two half centimetre incisions across the front of the ankle joint and a larger five centimetre incision along the inside of the joint. This second is the more uncomfortable, but as it is along the same scar line that has been previously opened twice, it is not more ugly than before.
I have definitely lost more feeling across the top of my foot, and now I have a loss of sensation also through my big toe. Whether this nerve damage is permanent, I shall have to wait and see.

So, welcome to the aircast boot. Me and these boots are old friends, I wore one for a considerable amount of time in 2014. I already feel lighter and less encumbered, and although I am not allowed to fully weight bear through it, at least I can rest it on the ground which will give my supporting leg a bit of a break.

— I feel I should pause here to give a shout out to my left leg. It never has any of the attention, yet it is soldiering on, performing excellently in its supporting role. Whilst it’s muscle tone does sometimes appear to be mocking my poor atrophied right leg, I literally couldn’t do without it. Thank you quiet, dogged, undamaged leg for giving me the strength to stand up.–

The aircast boot is in a rather fetching shade of grey. Anyone who knows me, also knows my love of grey,  I am rarely un-monochromatic, and when I wear a colour it is a noteworthy occasion. At least I will be able to coordinate this boot. It turns out I also coordinate with my kitchen floor.



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