A little escape

I recently hit a low ebb of inspiration and motivation. This coincided with a lot of life happening at once. I felt overwhelmed and that old friend, imposter syndrome came for an uninvited stay. I stopped writing and considered abandoning this blog altogether, I reasoned that no one would notice or even care if I stopped posting.
Whilst that might be true, that assumes that I am writing to be noticed which has never been the case (luckily it would seem). I write solely so that the thoughts in my head have a safe place to land, the audience is largely irrelevant (but, not that you, dear reader, are an irrelevance).
Life is still throwing me curveballs at the moment and I am slowly processing these whilst trying not to disappear into the type of introspection that makes you a terrible dinner party guest.
In a spur of the moment plan, I have run away for a few days with a dear friend, the kind that knows you so well you don’t need to put up any sort of game face. Together we are going to detune our brains from the frenetic static that is occupying it and be without responsibility for 36 hours.


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