Let’s hear it for our NHS

It’s official. I’m mended… well, sort of. I had my final visit to orthopaedic outpatients today where I met with the surgeon who operated on my knee last month and to be officially signed off from his care. Coincidentally, he was also the surgeon on call when I was airlifted into hospital on that fateful day nearly four years ago. I was extremely lucky that he was there as together with his colleagues at Derriford Hospital in Plymouth, they have worked a minor miracle. In 2013, I left hospital in a wheelchair and today walked into the hospital with a barely perceptible limp.

Today, we were both marvelling at my new found knee bend and the amazing ability that humans have for recovery. He told me that he wished that anyone who doubted the need for an NHS could see what they have achieved for me. I am in absolute agreement – I am immensely grateful that they reconstructed the shattered remains of my limbs and allowed me to walk again. I would literally not be standing here if it were not for our NHS, let’s make sure that everyone who needs it can continue to have the same access that I had.


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